Allez Hop Cascade! Camper-created summer camp challenges

Shape Up has created a number of games and activities to help get young people interested in physical activity. One such example is Allez Hop Cascade, which was developed to increase confidence and motivation regarding physical activity while ensuring campers have fun.

Allez Hop Cascade is an inclusive and adaptable game for all groups and all types of environments. It is a very interesting option for summer camps because it can be organized without any restrictions based on age groups or number of players.

Allez Hop Cascade creates fun, simple, and progressive challenges using equipment that is readily available to summer camps, such as sports equipment, cones, balls, ropes, benches, tables, shovels, tubs, trash cans, and more. In other words, creativity is a key ingredient! All this equipment is made available to campers, who are then tasked with creating their own challenges based on their own interests. This activity naturally leads campers to create challenges according to their basic motor skills. Camp counselors can then coach campers through their challenges and get them started at a level of difficulty set by the campers before gradually increasing the difficulty. With this approach, campers feel like they succeed and improve through challenges they create and develop over the duration of the activity. Allez Hop Cascade helps campers feel they are getting better at physical activity regardless of the level of their motor skills. That means that by taking part, campers gain confidence and feel motivated to be physically active, which will hopefully last the rest of their lives!

To use this activity in your camp, visit the Shape Up website and download the Allez Hop Cascade file.


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