Challenges and contests

Challenges and contests aimed at taking action!

Each summer, the Fondation Tremplin Santé offers challenges and contests created in collaboration with its HH partners. All these challenges are part of summer camp program, and they are eagerly awaited by Power Up member and non-member camps alike. 


Camps have been taking the Tchin-tchin Challenge in my camp, TOUGO Challenge summer campsPAUSE Challenge – Summer camps and CHEFS IN ACTION Challenge for several years, and each year they do so with passion and drive!

This challenge allows camps to take action and easily integrate HH into their daily program. Check out our “webinar challenges” for help with implementing challenges at camp! Find out more

July 1st to 5, 2024: This challenge invites you to promote water consumption through a variety of activities. Find out more


July 8 to 12, 2024: Implement fun-filled activities in connection with health eating, physical activity, or well-being. Find out more

June 24 to August 2nd, 2023: Meet challenges aimed at inspiring counselors and campers to turn off their screens. Enjoy as desired and without moderation! Find out more

July 1st to August 9, 2024: Invite your counselors to cook the challenge recipe! This challenge is in French only and the physical activity kit is available for Québec camps only. Learn more


Contests are another way that camp managers can motivate their teams to integrate HH into their program. The contests, which are geared towards counselors or camp managers and coordinators, share a common objective: to take action in favour of healthy habits at camp. 

Golden Legends  

June 24th to July 26th 2024

The Fondation Tremplin Santé invites camps to promote their coolest healthy habits initiative! The Golden Legends Contest aims to promote camps and their teams by presenting projects related to healthy eating, physical activity or well-being during the summer. 

Each year, six camps are given a chance to win a prize of $1,000 and the Golden Legends Trophy.

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Many thanks

May 1st to August 2nd 2024

Identify and highlight initiatives carried out for the well-being of the camp team.

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Thank you to our partners