The Fondation Tremplin Santé is a charitable organization whose mission is to promote and support the development of environments conducive to the adoption of healthy habits among Canadian youth in recreational settings, particularly in disadvantaged communities.

Summer camps…

A wonderful environment for concrete action

So that more and more young people, particularly from disadvantaged communities, grow up healthy, the Fondation Tremplin Santé works with summer youth organizations by encouraging counselors to make a difference with youth in a spirit of fun and games—two powerful vectors for learning.

A considerable proportion of kids spend their summers at camp (37% of Quebec children ages 5 to 12). Recreational settings are the ideal environments in which to foster a taste for eating well and being active among children—with the emphasis on having fun!

Come summer, when nine weeks of vacation lie ahead, the conditions are ideal for kids to:

  • Discover new fruits and vegetables, which are abundant.
  • Learn to cook and savour their own recipes with friends.
  • Play outdoors and explore new sports at their own pace.

Have fun without their parents!

Prevention plays a key role in individual health, and it’s vital that kids learn about it at a young age, on a consistent basis. During the school year, kids are made aware of the importance of adopting healthy habits, but these efforts sometimes are relaxed during the summer period.

The Fondation Tremplin Santé, athrough its Power Up program, takes over the reins during the summer, because continuity is key when it comes to turning an inconsistent practice into a reflex and a true habit.

Our approach

The Fondation Tremplin Santé has distinguished itself through its flexible and adapted approach offered free of charge! Pairing fun with learning, the Fondation draws inspiration from humanistic cognitive science: learning from experience, among peers, with kindness and respect for each person’s pace.

The Fondation Tremplin Santé is a team of driven individuals that reach out to summer youth organizations to support them with tools, training activities, and a personalized coaching service tailored to their needs. Always in step with social innovations in its field, the Fondation collaborates with numerous partners in an effort to create mobilizing tools and to make a difference.

Thank you for helping us promote Healthy Habits with youth from disadvantaged communities.

The Power Up approach


by offering adapted, interactive training oriented towards action and practice.

Provide tools

for integrating healthy habits (HH) at multiple levels (management, programming, leadership, communications, food service and lunch boxes).

Offer support

in the form of personalized guidance adapted to the needs of various actors. This support is based on sharing experiences in connection with HH at camp and on learning from those experiences.

Place the onus on youth

with an emphasis on the pleasure of learning among peers, group experiences, and assigning leadership roles to older campers to foster a sense of accountability.

Power Up member camps 2012-2023

In 2023, the Fondation Tremplin Santé program was adopted by 1 054 summer youth organizations. This number has continued to grow from one year to the next due to the quality of the program and the concrete results achieved with summer camps and the kids who attend them.


Important dates in our history


Henri-Paul Rousseau comes up with the idea for the Power Up program.


Pilot project = success/strong>


Creation of the Fondation Tremplin Santé NPO and deployment of activities across Quebec


The Fondation Tremplin Santé becomes a charitable organization.


Launch of the Accessibility program


Deployment of the Power Up program across Canada


Deployment of the Power Up program across Canada in New-Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.


2021-2022 Annual Report

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