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Power Up, a unique program for summer camps in Canada

Through this program that offers a wealth of content free of charge, camps take action to raise awareness of healthy lifestyle habits (HLH) among campers—with a firm emphasis on fun!

Power Up member camps commit to including HLH in their camp program. Initiatives targeting healthy eating (HE), physical activity (PA) and well-being (WB) are put forward, based on the objectives identified by each camp.

Power Up gives camps a solution that helps them adapt and transform their work habits with the goal of including daily HLH so that campers from disadvantaged communities can grow up healthy.

Membership allows the Fondation Tremplin Santé to offer, free of charge:

  • Multiple original tools, free of charge, posted on the Power Up portal, along with print versions when available, upon request.
  • Rewarding training activities made available, free of charge, to managers, coordinators and counselors.
  • Challenges organized by Power Up and its partners for purposes of galvanizing and unifying teams around HLH.
  • Power Up contests aimed at recognizing the work of managers, coordinators and counselors.
  • Support offered by the Power Up team, dieticians and kinesiologists, to help participating camps meet their HLH objective for the summer.
  • Financing for camps that welcome kids from disadvantaged communities.

A Power Up member camp is a camp that works to ensure that building awareness of healthy lifestyle habits among campers is fun for everyone!

Personalized support on demand

Personalized support is offered to camps that need MORE to achieve their HLH objectives for the summer. This need can include assistance with implementing their goal, for example by searching for financing to purchase materials required at camps for kids from disadvantaged communities, offering advice on getting camp teams to buy into the HLH program, and so on.

Whether your camp’s objective lies in the area of HLH, PA or WB, the Power Up team is there to help.

Asking for MORE is easy!

  • Register for the program if you haven’t already done so.
  • Define the HLH objective for your summer camp(s).
  • Check the box marked “I need more.”


I need more.

Inspiring projects from Power Up camps

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Montmagny day camp – Winner Power Up contest 2021

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The Power Up program, the HLH solution for camps!

Act now to take advantage!

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