Join the Power Up family and offer your team

the tools they need through this training program offered free of charge.

Our objective is to make it easier for you at camp while promoting healthy lifestyle habits (HLH). The three-year membership gives you the time you need to implement your projects, adapt them, and observe the initial changes.

Become a Power Up (PU) member camp and gain access, free of charge, to:

  • Tools for offering campers fun-filled activities, free of charge.
  • Print materials offered free of charge: games, activities, etc. (based on availability, allowing for mailing costs).
  • Interactive, practice-oriented training activities adapted to your reality and designed to be effectively retransmitted to all the members of your team.
  • Fun, educational training tools to make your HLH training activities more dynamic.
  • Events, offered free of charge, that help managers and coordinators launch the summer’s HLH festivities.
  • Personalized support to help you meet your HLH objective for the summer, whether it relates to physical activity (PA), healthy eating (HE) or well-being (WB).
  • A financing program to help you complete your project.
  • Contests and challenges with multiple prizes, to help you mobilize your team.
  • An added chance to win prizes through our contests and challenges.
  • And much more!

Discover tools offered free of charge and designed with and for camps.

Each year, we design fun and stimulating activities for all age groups (ages 5 to 16). These tools are easy to view and set up at each type of camp. As a member, you can receive print versions of certain tools free of charge (i.e., games, guides, flyers, posters, tools like the motivation wheel, etc.).

Our tools are designed in such a way that they can be adapted to any situation, whether you have a large or small group of campers, in one camp or in several, and whether your campers are francophone or anglophone.

These tools are accessible at all times. Just a few clicks are all that’s required to add them to your programming!

All the tools were developed taking into account:

  • Three main themes: physical activity, healthy eating, and well-being.
  • The needs of camps: every fall we hold discussion groups with camp managers, coordinators and counselors.
  • The needs of campers: our tools allow campers to learn while having fun!
  • The evaluation of camps that have tested our tools before using them. Each tool or training activity is therefore tested and approved. Want to test one of our tools? Please contact us!

Psst! PU member camps can create one or several lists of favourites to transmit to your camp team (option available in the near future).


By joining the Power Up family, you make a decision to include HLH in your program!

Let’s make sure that the kids attending your camp are our leading concern by offering them a fun-filled summer with HLH!

In concrete terms, you choose to:

  • Define an HLH-related objective each summer.
  • Take action as a team.
  • Give the campers a taste for regular physical activity, eating well, and taking proper care of themselves.

Once you sign up, Power Up will support you until the end of the summer!

Our emails and newsletters are there to help you at each step on your path to discovering our training activities, tools, challenges and contests.

Three-step registration:

1. Register your organization.

2.Register your camp(s).

3.Confirm your registration.



A few words from participating camps:

“When I showed the Power Up material to the team, they were thrilled; it’s colourful, lively, and easy to use.”
Céline Castonguay, coordinator, recreation activities, Municipalité de Deschambault-Grondines

“We believe that the Power Up program is vital, and we’ll be proud to use the Power Up logo again in our communications.”
François Coutellier, sales and marketing director, Air en fête

“I loved this program, and I think it’ll be a big plus for our day camp.”
Valérie Rousseau, director, recreation, Municipalité de Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu

Want to find out more? We’re available to answer your questions, so please write to us!

You can also view our Frequently Asked Questions.

Merci à nos partenaires