The Montmagny day camp Power Up contest 2021 winner

Promote body diversity to make it easier for each individual to integrate. 

Body diversity was among the themes put forward by the Montmagny day camp this summer, and all the campers were involved. To address this theme, the camp team viewed Power Up and ÉquiLibre training videos on body diversity, then created a three-week program featuring one activity per week. Each activity was adapted to the campers’ age group and their abilities, while favouring inclusion for everyone.  

Week 1: Each person has their place in the group 
Using an artistic activity revolving around the human body, the campers learned that all parts of the body, regardless of their features or shapes, make up a whole, and all are equal in importance. Thus, the campers were able to draw a parallel with individuals and become more aware of how important it is to take proper care of body and mind.  

Week 2: Pool our qualities to be even stronger 
Through various activities, the campers were asked to pool their strengths to win challenges or complete a project. They learned to recognize each camper’s abilities, to pool those abilities and put them together, to trust one another, and to communicate. In short, they learned to work as a team and to combine their strengths. 

Week 3: Looking beyond physical appearance with kindness 
A large mural of self-portraits was unveiled at camp, allowing the campers to recognize and distinguish between their qualities, strengths, physical characteristics, and skills.  

“Previously, we won in the ‘Physical Activity’ and ‘Healthy Eating’ categories. But we wanted to explore the new theme of body diversity. At camp, we welcome children from various communities and children with special needs. Each child is different, and that’s what makes them unique. We look beyond our differences and teach them to love one another as they are, and we encourage self-esteem and openness to others. This project led to some rewarding discussions between the campers and the counselors, in addition to having a positive impact on the camp. The campers improved their listening and communication skills, and they learned to cooperate and forge friendships, which also reinforced their sense of belonging to the camp.”  Manon Garant, Coordinator, Community Activities, Service des loisirs, de la culture et de la vie communautaire, Ville de Montmagny