Support the development of safe environments conducive to the adoption of healthy habits in recreation settings.
Facilitate access to recreation activities among young people from financially disadvantaged situations.
Guide recreation organizations to help them incorporate healthy habits into their activities.

Summer camp

The perfect setting

To help more and more young people grow up healthy, Power Up works with camps by inviting staff and management to influence campers through fun and play—two powerful vehicles for learning. In addition, a great number of young people attend summer camp (37% in Quebec)1, making it the perfect in which to learn about eating healthy and being active while having fun! It’s also much easier to find fresh fruits and vegetables and do physical activities outside in the summertime, and these conditions are perfect for teaching summer campers about the importance of healthy habits.

1 Estimated number of summer camps in Quebec, BIP Research Survey, 2013


Prevention plays a key role in human health, starting from the earliest age and throughout life. During the school year, young people are educated on the importance of adopting healthy habits, but those lessons may not last through the summer break. Through its camp programs, the Fondation Tremplin Santé takes over during the summer because that continuity is crucial to evolve from occasional behaviour to a reflex or real habits.

Our approach

The Fondation Tremplin Santé takes an approach that is flexible, adaptable, and FREE! It was designed specifically for summer camp teams, offering them guidance with a host of tools, services, and customised training according to their needs. The valuable services and guidance we provide are extremely helpful to camp staff in their efforts to integrate healthy habits into their programs. In fact, over 80% of camps who sign up renew their membership every year!

Shape Up strategy


by offering training sessions that are adapted, interactive, and hands-on.

Offer tools

to incorporate healthy habits at every level (management, programming, activities, communication, menus, and lunchboxes).

Provide support

by offering guidance that is tailored to the needs of the various actors, based on the concept of sharing the experiences of camps with regard to healthy habits, and that incorporates the notion of associated learning.

Inform parents

with clear messages and handy advice on how to put together balanced and nutritious lunches and work more closely with camps.

Focus on campers

through the fun of learning among peers, group experience, and giving older campers responsibilities as leaders.


Membership – registered camps in 2012-2019

In 2019, the Power Up program was adopted by 707 summer camps. That number keeps growing every year because we offer excellent tools and services that get concrete results, as attested to by summer camp staff and campers.  

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