La Clémentine Gabrielle-Roy day camp

Accessibility program –  Nature of the project: Physical activity 

In vulnerable ethnocultural communities, some challenges can be turned into rich and rewarding experiences. Drawing on this conviction, La Clémentine Gabrielle-Roy day camp gave all its campers the opportunity to practice physical activities individually or as a group, while respecting the abilities and personality of each camper. Through activities such Ready Set Go, “Au galop”, as well as Let’s Get Moving card games and Slackline, educators and campers had fun practicing a physical activity together.

This funding made it possible to offer the campers quality equipment so that they could enjoy each activity to the fullest.  Playing basketball with a ball that doesn’t bounce is no fun. With quality equipment, the campers enjoy shooting hoops.”  Monique Lanthier, education consultant, Centre éducatif La Clémentine 

This project was a favourite of the Power Up team for two reasons:

  • The camp innovated by including the campers in the process of choosing daily activities. The campers’ involvement sparked a desire to participate in activities while respecting the equipment.
  • The campers provided feedback after each activity, which allowed them to share their experiences and show their fellow campers how they played with the equipment used in their countries.

Listening and celebrating our differences as assets and a source of wealth to be shared. 

“The campers surpassed and surprised themselves. I remember a kid who, after trying slackline, said to me, with a look of pride on his face, ‘I didn’t think I’d be able to do this!” Monique Lanthier  

Campers daring to try something new, learning something about themselves and pushing back their limits—that’s what Power Up is all about!

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