Inspiration to eat healthy during summer camp

Here are a few healthy habit practices implemented by Shape Up program camps. They’ve been successfully put to the test in the field. Why not try them in your camp!

  • Take advantage of lunchtime to start discussions about food preferences. This can take a variety of forms, including games, quizzes, or interactive conversations.
  • Get campers to take part in a group snack activity where everyone pitches in to make smoothies, fruit skewers, a big veggies and dip platter, etc.
  • Cooking can be a fun activity! Choose easy and nutritious recipes, then let the campers measure, mix, smell, taste, and discover new foods too. Older campers can even plan purchases, draw up a budget, and go to the grocery store (if it’s nearby) to buy the ingredients. Then, invite parents and friends to sample the dish!
  • Make a garden with the campers, either on the site of the camp or at a community garden. Task campers with planting the seeds, caring for the plants, and harvesting their very own fruits and veggies. Invite specialists from community or local organizations to increase your harvest and make things even more fun for your budding gardeners.

Feel free to slip hand-outs featuring healthy habit information and recipe ideas into your campers’ lunchboxes. You can also post them in a prominent location where parents can see them. Parents are always looking for new ideas, so they’re sure to appreciate your effort!