5 tips for sharing the fun of being active at summer camp!

For many campers, physical activity sounds like hard labour. For summer camp counselors, that can actually be an opportunity to inspire them to get moving and be active every day. How? By focusing on fun!

The idea is to take things one step at a time, focusing on motivation and self-confidence to encourage every camper to get involved!

Here are 5 tips to use in your summer camp to get campers interested in physical activity and develop their skills.

  1. Lighten up on the rules : make required tasks easy to understand so that everyone can get in the game quickly and stay involved. Campers won’t play a game if they don’t understand the rules.
    Tip: Provide a few simple rules. Even if there are more rules to the game, they can be introduced gradually.
  2. Choose activities that get everyone moving and feature a variety of motions for all players so that campers practice as many motor skills as possible.
    Tip: Set up a system of “lives” like in video games to give players several chances before they are “eliminated” from the game.

  3. Have campers experience success to create a positive association with physical activity and a sense of proficiency regardless of skill level. Campers who feel successful will have better self-esteem, be more curious, and get involved in new games.
    Tip: Encourage team spirit. Campers who are encouraged by their teammates will be more motivated to continue playing. Keep it fun!

  4. Focus on fun and be creative. For example, you can switch up the equipment or use it differently or give a game a new name to make it something original.
    Tip: Combine two or three games and/or sports to adjust the level of intensity.

  5. Focus on the importance of progress by letting each camper start the activity according to their basic motor skills, then gradually increase the level of difficulty, making sure that everyone gets moving during the activity.
    Tip: Create activities as stations, kermises, circuits, or Olympiads.

In other words, by focusing on the fun of physical activity and creating a positive experience, summer camp counselors can really influence campers to adopt and maintain a physically active lifestyle. Have fun!