Julien Pertin, Head of Programming, Camp Kéno

I have been working with the Fondation Tremplin Santé ever since I first arrived at Camp Kéno in 2014. Thanks to their highly motivated team, I have had unforgettable experiences in the form of useful and inspiring training sessions. For example, someone from the Fondation taught me how to grow alfalfa and make it an HH activity for our campers. From the moment I tried it and tasted the results, I became a “green influencer” for our day camps! The Fondation Tremplin Santé has also provided support in the form of supplies. Those little details have made a big difference. In 2018 for example, I was able to distribute 4 kg of alfalfa seeds among our 15 day camps, which campers were thrilled about. I can confidently say that the Fondation Tremplin Santé has had a real influence on me and my day camp programs over the last few years. In doing so, they have also influenced the 450 people we train and ultimately, the 3,000 campers we greet every summer!