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A free program for summer camps!

The Shape Up program is flexible, progressive, and best of all… free. It provides camps with a concrete plan to get active and innovative in promoting healthy habits to campers while having fun doing it!


In 2018, the Shape Up program was adopted by 592 camps

With a proven track record going back to 2012, the program has established a solid reputation. In fact, numerous coordinators and counselors are convinced the Shape Up program has a positive effect on training (92%), programming (82%), and activities (76%)* in their camp.

*Evaluation of the Shape Up program – ÉCOBES, 2016, page V



Two packages are available


Shape Up package

The Shape Up package is free and provides access to the various online tools available in the Members area.

Shape Up Plus package

The Shape Up Plus package is free and involves customized coaching, including all tools and services, several training sessions, plus access to funding for your projects!

See the comparison chart below to decide which package is right for your camp:


Shape Up

Shape Up+


Games and activities X X
Programming X
Recipes  X  X


Shape Up Challenge X X
Mission TROP possible According to availability X
Tchin-tchin Challenge  X  X
Défi Santé  X  X


Individual coaching X
Shape Up guide X X
Culinary camp recipe review X
Program review X


Shape Up Summit Recommended Mandatory for
New members X
Shape Up workshop – Video & training materiel X X
Webinars X X
Food services training (for camps providing meals) X


Right to use the Shape Up logo mention X X Includes special
Parent info insert X X
Shape Up poster X X
Web banner X


Vacation grants X
Project funding X

Food services

Menu review Paid Special rate
Expedition recipe booklet X X
Cycle menu X X
Food service guide X X


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