Jedi Training Camp

Jedi Training Camp

Category: Physical activity,
Group size: 1 group, More than 1 group,
Duration: 15-30 min.,
Intensity: All, High, Moderate,
The idea for this activity came from a project by the summer 2016 camp counsellors at Bois-Joli day camp.

Description and organisation

Divide the players into 2 teams on opposite sides of the playing area. The counsellors appoint 1 Jedi on each team.

The clones (the other players) throw the balls at the opposing team.

If a player drops a ball, they go to space jail (an area inside the playing field) and roll a die to see how many sit-ups they must do to get out. The Jedi gets a lightsaber (pool noodle), which they use to deflect incoming balls. If a Jedi is hit by a ball, their team loses.


  • Running,
  • Dodging
  • Throwing
  • Catching


  • Make 3 teams.
  • Use different challenges to get out of space jail.


Eliminate the opposing team’s Jedi.


  • 6 balls
  • 2 pool noodles
  • 6 cones
  • 1 die