Fruitopia search

Fruitopia search

Category: Healthy eating,
Group size: 1 group,
Duration: 30+ min.,
Intensity: Moderate,
Requires food purchase Includes notions of healthy eating
The idea for this activity came from a project by the summer 2017 camp counselors at the ADO-ACTIFS companion program in Saint-Eustache.  

Description and organisation

This activity is inspired by the board game Clue.

Invite the group into the kitchen to prepare a fruit salad. When they get there, the ingredients aren’t laid out on the table as they should be because the fruit have all been kidnapped.

There are clues on the table to help the campers find the fruit. There is a card for each fruit, including description, image, name, and clues.

Each player presents a card to the rest of the group and tries to find their fruit.

When all the fruit have been found, the campers prepare a fruit salad and enjoy it together.


  • Discovering new food
  • Developing kitchen skills
  • Teamwork


  • The game can be played with a series of riddles and physical challenges.
  • The game can be adapted to any age group.


One of the main goals is to introduce the campers to new types of fruit (appearance, texture, taste, smell).


  • A different type of fruit (fresh or canned) for each player
  • a descriptive card for each fruit,
  • basic cooking equipment (knives, peelers, cutting boards, large bowl, small bowls, spoons, etc.)