To the rescue of fruits and vegetables

To the rescue of fruits and vegetables

Category: Healthy eating,
Group size: More than 1 group,
Duration: 30+ min.,
Intensity: High,
Includes notions of healthy eating
This activity was inspired by the initiative of the YMCA St-Roch’s summer 2014 animation team!

Description and organisation

Gaia, the camp’s superheroine warns us that Captain Plutonium, the villain, is planning to burn in his factories all the fruits and vegetables on the planet since they are an excellent source of energy. According to her, this must be avoided since fruit and vegetables should represent 50% of our plate. Gaia has planned a challenge and Captain Plutonium accepted it. She promises to give prizes to those who stand out the most. “We will face him later, but first we must practice to be ready for the fight”.

Challenge Practice

The kids are separated into 2 teams, each having their own half of a rectangular field.

This is the tagging zone. At the end of each tagging zone there are reserve zones where the cardboards are placed (around 30) that show different types of fruit and vegetables.

The goal for each team is to accumulate the most fruits and vegetables cardboards possible. To do this, one has to cross the opposing team’s tagging zone to get to the reserve zone where the cardboards are without being tagged.

Once in the reserve zone, each child can take one cardboard and try to cross back through the tagging zone without being tagged. One cardboard at a time can be carried across. Kids who have been tagged must stay in place in the opposite zone and wait until another team member comes to free them by passing between their legs. This way, kids will run along the field and throughout the game.

This physical activity is of moderate intensity because they won’t always be moving. Monitors will encourage those kids who stay in the reserve zone for too long to go back towards their zone and start being active again. It is therefore a fun way for the kids to be physically active.

Also, all the kids who are eliminated from the game are quickly reintegrated. We play one or two rounds (around 25 minutes each since all the age groups are mixed together).

Captain Plutonium arrives!

Captain Plutonium, the villain, arrives and challenges us to play one round against him alone. If he wins, he keeps all the fruit and vegetables for himself and uses them to fuel his factories, if we win he promises to leave the fruit and vegetables alone for a few millennia. We then accept the challenge.

It’s important that at this point, monitors pay attention so that the kids don’t directly attack the person who will be alone against everyone.

Obviously, we win against Captain Plutonium and explain the importance of including a large variety of fruit and vegetables in our daily diet, and also discuss the other food groups that should make up part of our plate at every meal.



  • Developing an awareness of healthy nutrition
  • Physical abilities


Nonfood rewards could be given to the kids (e.g. Wixx pin buttons).


Developing awareness of healthy nutrition while being active.


  • Food boxes
  • Cones
  • Bibs