Titre en anglais manquant

Titre en anglais manquant

Category: Healthy eating,
Group size: 1 group, More than 1 group,
Duration: Variable,
Intensity: Moderate,
Requires food purchase Includes notions of healthy eating
This activity was inspired by initiatives of Hauts-Sentiers’ summer 2013 animation team.

Description and organisation

The goal of the activity is to make the children work in teams and to distribute tasks according to age groups in order to make a collective recipe.

  • The 4-6 years old can take care of counting and preparing the food (e.g. tearing up the lettuce leaves).
  • The 7-10 years old can take care of cutting the food.
  • The 11-12 years old can take care of cooking or gather the ingredients for the recipe.

At the very end, the kids can taste their recipe.


  • Developing an awareness of healthy nutrition
  • Working in a group
  • Communication
  • Culinary abilities


The tasks could be redistributed depending on the age groups participating


Introduce kids to cooking collectively and discovering new foods.