The gourmet

The gourmet

Category: Healthy eating,
Group size: 1 group, More than 1 group, Whole camp,
Duration: Variable,
Intensity: Moderate,
Includes notions of healthy eating
This activity was inspired by initiatives from Cap Santé day camp’s 2013 summer animation team.

Description and organisation

Each team easily identified by a banner installs their restaurant by delimiting the area with a cord.

Each team designates a cook who will stay in the restaurant at all times.

Each player on the team receives a coupon representing a food group. The players must always have their coupon in their pocket in order to stay in the game. In each team, one of the players has a “taster card” and another has a “poisoned food card”.

  1. At the start signal, the players have to try to tag the players on the other team. Once a player is tagged, they have to give their coupon to the person who tagged them; that person then hurries to bring it to their cook who puts it in the correct spot on the table. (Food groups).

The goal of this step is therefore to collect 6 coupons from each of the food groups.

  1. The teams regroup in their respective restaurants and open their sealed envelopes provided at the beginning to find their letters of the alphabet. With the letters, they have to find the names of dishes in each of the food groups; each letter must correspond to the first letter of the word designating a dish. The chosen dishes are then written on a chart in the appropriate box. (Dishes are 1 or 2 words).

Each dish written down must be original because if the same one is found on another team’s menu, it is eliminated. Original dishes get 10 points for the team.

The team will therefore create a unique balanced menu (dairy products, fruits and vegetables, meat and meat substitutes, grains) based on its original dishes. The team having accumulated the most points wins the round.


  • Developing an awareness of healthy nutrition
  • Creativity
  • Motor skills
  • Ability to reflect
  • Communication
  • Working in a team


Additionnal challenges could be given to the players (e.g. varied moves/displacements)


Developing an awareness of healthy eating while integrating physical activity and the enjoyment of playing.


  • A flag with the colors of the 4 food groups
  • A cord
  • Team banners
  • Coupons for each of the 4 food groups (dairy products, meat and meat substitutes, grains, fruits and vegetables)
  • 1 large box separated into 4 compartments (each food group)
  • 1 roll of white paper
  • 1 box of markers
  • 1 sealed envelope with 16 letters of the alphabet