Spy School

Spy School

Category: Physical activity,
Group size: Whole camp,
Duration: 30+ min.,
Intensity: All, High, Moderate,
Thank you to the entire 2017 summer staff at the City of Montmagny day camp and congratulations on winning 1st place in the Physical Activity category.

Description and organisation


The camp is actually a top secret spy base. The counselors are all master spies, each with their own special skills. Unfortunately, one of them is providing top secret information to nearby enemy bases. To complete their mission, the campers must complete a series of physical activities throughout the day in order to gather clues and uncover the identity of the “mole.”

How to play

Different stations are set up around the day camp. Each group must perform the physical activities described at these stations to collect clues. However, every activity doesn’t have to provide a clue. The counselors must come up with the clues and create a suspect sheet for each counselor. The campers use these sheets and clues to discover the identity of the mole at the end of the day. Every activity must be suitable for every age group. There is no specific order for completing the activities. Each activity lasts 30 minutes.

Activity 1 : Mission impossible

In preparation for their dangerous missions, the apprentice spies must get past and hide behind a number of obstacles to reach the sentry (one of the players) without being seen. If they are spotted, they have to do 10 jumping jack and return to the starting line. They have to be hidden behind an obstacle when the sentry turns around. The first one to touch the sentry without being seen becomes the sentry. The game ends after 30 minutes.

Activity 2 : Search for clues (2 clues)

The spies search for clues to the identity of the mole, but the way is full of riddles and obstacles left by the enemy. To complete the task, they must make their way through a hallway crisscrossed with laser beams (red string) without touching them. Once everyone is in the room at the end of the hallway, the apprentice spies have a limited time to find the last clue, which is glued to one of the walls.

Activity­ 3 : Rescue

One of the counselors has been kidnapped and tied to a tree! To rescue the counselor, the apprentice spies must get through an obstacle course while carrying a glass full of water, being careful not to spill any. At the end of the course, they pour the water into one of the two buckets tied to the tree. Completing this mission will disarm the traps set up by the enemy, and the campers will be able to free the counselor.

Activity 4 : Thumbs up

The counselors are not very careful. They leave fingerprints all over the base. To learn how to identify fingerprints, the apprentice spies paint a balanced meal using their thumbs.

Activity 5 : Secret code

A spy must learn to operate in total darkness. To practice, the campers pair up and invent a secret code (ex.: 1 tap on the right shoulder = turn right). Meanwhile, other spies place themselves in the play area to act as obstacles. One of the team members must keep their eyes closed. The goal is to cross the play area without touching any of the obstacles (other players) using the secret code they invented. Every team that completes this activity is promoted to “senior spy.”

Activity 6 : James Bond

Aspiring spies must learn to steal various items from their enemies. James Bond is the master of this art. They must also develop their speed and agility to catch bad guys and complete their missions. Divide the group into 2 teams (spies and enemies). The spies must get into the enemy zone and obtain the item without being tagged by an opponent. A captured spy must complete an athletic challenge before returning to the game. The game is over when the item has been successfully stolen.

Activity 7 : Break-in (1 clue)

There are a number of steps to this game. First, the spymaster (counselor) divides the group into 2 teams. The players make their way around tables and chairs to reach a rice bin in the opposing team’s safe zone. Meanwhile, they also try to prevent their opponents from entering their own team’s safe zone. Opposing players can be eliminated by removing the scarf tucked into their waistband. Players who make it into the opponent’s safe zone must blow through a straw into the rice bin to uncover bits of a hidden message (a clue). The first team to uncover the message wins.

Activity 8 : Improfiltration

A good spy can sneak in anywhere, anytime. The master infiltrator (counselor) divides the group into teams based on the number of players. The teams are then given a theme (e.g., grocery store infiltration). Each team invents characters and creates a sketch based on that theme. Then, it’s show time!

After completing every activity, the groups will have the 3 clues they need to identify the mole.


  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Dodging


  • Adapt the theme to your camp.
  • Complete the mission in a specific order.


Perform physical activities to discover the identity of the “mole.”


  • Tables, chairs and/or any other objects to serve as obstacles
  • Clues
  • Rope
  • Sticks
  • 2 buckets
  • Paint
  • Blank page
  • Cones
  • Hoop
  • Scarf
  • Various types of costumes