Lunch disco

Lunch disco

Category: Healthy eating,
Group size:
Duration: 15-30 min.,
Intensity: Moderate,
Includes notions of healthy eating
This activity was inspired by the initiative of St-Joseph camp’s summer 2014 animation team!

Description and organisation

First, mark off a large zone (gymnasium or field). Next, the kids receive a food card. For the duration of the game, they have to embody/personify that food.

For the duration of the game, they will impersonate the food that’s on their card. The game leader starts the music. The kids then wiggle around, while embodying the food.

For example, if the child is an asparagus, he’ll have to dance like an asparagus, with his feet together and his arms in the air (the kids will personify their food how they want to). When the music stops, the game leader cries “LUNCH DISCO!”

The kids then have to group up in order to create the perfect lunchbox! The kids therefore must group themselves so that they invent one or a few recipes with the foods they have.

The game leader then judges if all the lunchboxes have enough foods grouped together, in accordance with the stated requirements of the Canadian Food Guide.


  • Developing awareness of healthy nutrition
  • Coordination
  • Motor skills


Kids could be asked to present their recipe to the rest of the group in order to explain what a balanced lunchbox consists of.


Educate the kids about healthy nutrition and allow them to move around while having fun.


  • Food cards
  • Radio