Knights & Wizards

Knights & Wizards

Category: Physical activity,
Group size: 1 group,
Duration: 10-15 min.,
Intensity: All, High, Moderate,
The idea for this activity came from a project by the summer 2016 camp counselors at Animation Jeunesse Outaouais.

Description and organisation

Knights & Wizards involves 2 or more teams. Players can be 1 of 4 classes—knight, wizard, healer, or hunter.

Each class has its own unique abilities and roles on the team. Every team is composed of players in all classes.


  • Knights: These fearsome warriors can eliminate their foes with a single touch of their mighty weapons, (pillo-polo sticks or pool noodles). They are formidable in hand-to-hand combat, and it takes a wizard or an even mightier knight to eliminate them.
  • Wizards: With their unique ability to hurl fireballs (i.e., throw foam balls), wizards are a team’s long-distance strike force. They can throw with an almost magical combination of distance and accuracy. They are most effective against knights.
  • Healers: Healers can revive other players by staying right next to them for 10 seconds. They get an extra jersey because they are the team’s life support system. If a team runs out of healers, they can’t revive their players anymore, so it’s probably game over for them.
  • Hunters: Only hunters can carry flags. They have no weapons or magic spells, but they sure can run. They have to be tough, nimble, and clever to capture the flag and get it back to their team.


  • Agility
  • Dodging
  • Running
  • Teamwork and strategizing


  • Switch classes during the game.
  • Come up with physical challenges as alternative ways of being revived.






  • Capture the enemy flag and bring it back to your own team’s flag post.
  • Eliminate all of the other team’s players.


  • Jerseys
  • Pillo-polo sticks or pool noodles
  • Balls
  • Flags