Feed yourself!

Feed yourself!

Category: Healthy eating,
Group size: More than 1 group,
Duration: 30+ min.,
Intensity: Moderate,
This activity was inspired by efforts of the 2014 summer animation team from Centre Notre-Dame-de-Fatima!

Description and organisation

The goal of the game is to succeed in building the biggest farm while best responding to the needs of the farmers (4 food groups). Participants are divided into 3 families (teams) (Fabioux family/ Sachello family/ Baboulène family).

Each team is made up of to 10 kids minimum. The head of the household possesses a diagram demonstrating what the campers have decided to plant and harvest for food (a large agricultural area).

To succeed in the harvest, the kids walk around the site to find gold coins in order to buy seeds for their garden. Every time they find some, they gather what they’ve found and go to the market to buy different things (see the monitor responsible of the diagram). The market is situated in a large field and is supervised by a monitor.

The market has the following foods:

  • fruit/vegetable seeds
  • grain seeds
  • chicken (meat and substitutes)
  • cows (for milk)
  • epidemics (clothespins).

Sections of cardboard boxes (representing the food) will be given to the team leaders to plant as crops; the monitor then writes on a map (which represents the plot of land) where the crops were planted.

To harvest the crops, the players have to wait until the facilitators of the game announce that it’s the next day before they can go gather the crops. In order to be able to harvest the crops, a one day waiting period is vital, since we want to explain the process of harvesting food to the campers.

The epidemics: represented by clothespins the kids received at the market, players can attach them to an opposing team member’s jersey by touching their shoulder. In doing this, the player must give up a section of his land in order to get back in the game, since he is not allowed to play if he has an epidemic. There is also the possibility of having duels against farmers in other families by touching someone from that team.

For the duel, each player gets down on one knee and tries to the get the other player off-balance. If the losing player has a gold coin or a card for planting, they must give it to the wining player.


  • Developing awareness of healthy eating
  • Physical skills
  • Teamwork
  • Communication


The kids can harvest crops from other players’ plots and/or steal others’ chicken feed (for example) if they have a harvest card and a day has passed. The monitors (team leaders) are assigned with making sure the waiting period has been respected.


Integrate healthy eating and physical activity into a thematic activity.


  • Poster board
  • Pencils
  • Cardboard boxes representing different foods
  • Beads to represent gold coins
  • Clothespins