Coded grocery list

Coded grocery list

Category: Healthy eating,
Group size: More than 1 group,
Duration: Variable,
Intensity: Moderate,
Requires food purchase Includes notions of healthy eating
The idea for this activity came from a project by the summer 2017 camp counselors at Camp Renaissance (Blainville).

Description and organisation

Divide the campers into 2 teams and give each team a coded grocery list. To find out what they need to get, the campers go into a dark room and use flashlights to find pieces of paper with secret codes that let them decipher their grocery lists. The teams then face off with a race to collect the food items that match the descriptions on their lists. Once they have enough food items, they create a balanced meal. If they are missing an important ingredient, they can go get another item, as long as they hydrate properly and squeeze a sponge full of water over their heads.


  • Knowledge of nutrition
  • Motor skills


  • The courses to collect the food items can be done as game modules, obstacle courses, or treasure hunts.
  • A kitchen workshop can be done with the collected food items.


Introduce campers to the characteristics of common food items and the concept of a balanced meal.


  • Coded grocery lists
  • flashlights
  • secret codes
  • food items
  • sponges
  • buckets of water