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Counselors and coordinators from our member camps looking to improve their camp activities are invited to visit the Power Up Portal, where over a hundred different resources are available to help further integrate healthy habits into camp life.

Below are summaries of 4 examples of available tools that can add something extra to camp activities, specifically targeted at programming, physical activity, healthy eating, and body diversity. The complete versions of these tools are available on the Power Up Portal and available to member camps.

A number of free tools
are available to your team:

My HH program

This tool adds visual elements to the camp counselor’s program to provide a quick visual reference of the day’s HH (healthy habits) objectives.



AcroYoga is a unique discipline campers are sure to find both interesting and exciting. Combining yoga, acrobatics, and dance, this activity lets campers discover the art of movement by connecting with others. It is a fun way to build confidence in oneself and others while learning about sharing and mutual support.

Ages 13+

Versions are also available to ages 5-6, 7-8, and 9-12

I am super!

This activity aims to encourage young people to adopt a more positive dialogue towards their body.  It allows them to reconnect with what their bodies allow them to do, to live, to feel and express, regardless of their shape or physical appearance.


I am unique

This activity helps counselors make campers aware of their unique nature by drawing attention to their personal abilities without paying attention to their appearance.


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