Mission Possible

A day to have fun with sport and healthy eating

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The Fondation Tremplin Santé invites the camps to come and live a day filled with original and dynamic activities.

Over the course of this day, young people discover new ways to have fun through a fun-filled circuit on healthy eating and physical activity. They are also preparing for their next mission, which is to organize a fun day for the youngest campers with many challenges related to healthy eating and physical activity.

Nothing is impossible when fun, action and motivation are involved!

The idea is simple: by creating and facilitating such an event, they become healthy habits leaders for themselves and others.

Before the event

Campers get ready in camp. Each group develops its own training plan based on the information provided by the Fondation Tremplin Santé.

ll the information you need to implement the Mission Possible” concept in your camp is available in the Power Up Handbook p 21.



On the Big Day, hundreds of campers from different camps meet on the playing field for a fun and exciting day led by counselors AND young leaders! Together with their team, every camper goes through a circuit where they use skills selected by the Fondation Tremplin Santé. Campers have fun and learn by doing!



A few days after the event, the campers who became healthy habits leaders organize and lead their own “Mission TROP Possible” day for the other campers at their camp. The goal is to consolidate what they have learned by becoming positive and inspiring leaders for younger campers and increase the number of campers who want to become leaders. The event is designed in partnership with a camp that plays host to other camps in the region (for a total of 420 campers per day) so that older campers (ideally ages 8 +) can recreate the event in their own camps. In concrete terms, campers will try out at least three different physical and healthy eating activities during the day.

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